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You need a website? Come to us If they are expensive

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What kind of website are you looking for? We create responsive ( mobile friendly) websites that are secure, fast on loading, SEO friendly, linked to social networks, and user friendly.

We discuss the details to arrive at an understanding of what you need from us. Check some of the websites that we have created in the recent past:

  1. – Ecommerce website for online selling
  2. – A social network that connects automobile owners, sellers and general forum on vehicles.
  3. – A consultancy platform where the youth get guided on what next after high school( the route to take to select a course that will be sustainable in the long run) and online businesses they can do to raise own college fee, pocket money and capital for business.
  4. – You create your online business card that can be shared so easily. Check sample e-card here.
  5. – Do you need a breakthrough from a horrible experience, past, trauma, financial distress or any form of hard situation? Inner Smart Mind is all you need.
  6. – Gem recognitions is platform that writes about Gems in people, the extra ordinary men and women in Africa. It recognizes, cherishes and inspire other upcoming youth with stories of great men and women that have done it before.
  7. – A Q&A platform that addresses FAQs from consumers to help them make informed decisions.

We have room for all budgets from as low as kes 7500 for blogs, kes 12,000 for simple and beautiful websites, kes 20,000 for ecommerce websites, and kes 50,000 for other dynamic websites. A website can also have a custom budget that fits your demand on features, scalability hosting needs.  Contact us on 0770444778 or email us via

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